Property light – Plus 1

A completely new Concept of dwelling ownership: You become owner of your flat for much less own capital than before! And interesting opportunities for commercial buildings!

The idea is quite simple

In contrary to the usual scheme of condominiums you are not forced to purchase the general parts of the building (such as static elements, stare case, elevator, roof, surroundings, ground etc.) Instead you buy just the apartment as such. So, you need much less own means. This becomes possible as, beside the using owners, an additional partner steps by – therefore "Plus 1". This additional partner assumes a part of the capital investment and cares for management and maintenance of the general parts of the building. For these services and for the investment of the "Plus 1"-Partner the using owners pay him a regular fee.

This model of a "light" property did not exist so far in Switzerland. However, this is under change now. The model is now being evaluated for several pilot projects. In view of a tremendous demand for apartment ownership and of the still low mortgage interest rate in Switzerland this project seems to become a success.

"Plus 1" opens interesting opportunities, not only for the dwelling owners, but for real estate investors as well, and alike for non profit housing organizations; furthermore it is not only designed for dwellings but also for commercial facilities.

"Plus 1" has been developed by Prof. Dr. David Dürr. It is him who contributed the basic research for the new model. This website informs about the initial developments as well as about further details of the new concept.